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Experience a new source of lighting with Jagoteq

We’re Changing the Way the World Lights with Fiber Optics

At Jagoteq, we believe that creative collaboration is the key to success. We are dedicated to providing tools that give DP’s, Gaffers, Artists, and Designers new ways to realize their vision. Jagoteq's novel system is the first to utilize patent-pending technology to combine the powerful precision of lasers with the versatility and flexibility of fiber optic cable. The result is a next-generation lighting tool that functions as both a professional illumination source and a practical design element.



Our use cases include architectural, film, broadcast, and live production, as well as pools and fountains, neon and LED strip replacement, props and wearables, and more.Contact us today to learn more about how we can enhance your project with our cutting-edge laser technology.

Introducing LF30 & LF120 | Jagoteq Lighting (Laser + Fiber Optics Technology)
Next Generation Lighting Source: Jagoteq LF120 and LF30 in Action
Jagoteq LF120 and LF30 laser engine and fiber: features, safety, control


Achieve color saturation 3x greater than LED ribbon

The world's first 360-degree RGB laser-illuminated fiber optic cable offers vibrant colors and a flexible, safe design, revolutionizing the lighting industry. Its flexible design makes it easier to work with and install, while its lack of heat and electricity makes it a safe and reliable option.

Our fiber optic cable is also 100% recyclable, it can be cut to any length, and illuminates 360-degrees. No other lighting source can address all lighting needs of the modern world like Jagoteq. With these advantages, Jagoteq's laser fiber optic products are revolutionizing the lighting industry and setting a new standard for lighting professionals.

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