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Founded in 2021, Jagoteq is an innovator, designer, and manufacturer of laser-based lighting equipment for motion picture, broadcast, live event, architectural, theme parks and other permanent and portable installations. Jagoteq is based in Burbank, CA near studios and entertainment focused rental centers. Product design, engineering, and assembly are all done in California. While the company was formed in 2022, its founders each have a long and successful history in the entertainment industry.


Craig Brink

Craig Brink is a lifelong problem solver. As a rigging gaffer on top Hollywood features for 20 years, he was the one the camera team counted on to make their vision a reality, no matter the challenge. That led him to create a better way to revolutionize the antiquated lighting control and power equipment  and methods on set. To put those solutions to work, he established RatPac Controls. Within a decade he grew the team to 150 employees and it became the go-to power and lighting control  brand in the motion picture industry. After leaving that company in good hands, he turned his sights on to lighting fixtures. While Brink’s the first one to tell you that lighting has made strides in the last decade, his goal is to bring more creative illumination choices that are brighter, more eco friendly and more versatile for use on motion picture sets, live entertainment, architectural and real world environments. He calls the next advance, Jagoteq.

Jagoteq CEO and Founder


Eric Eggly

Lighting has always been Eric Eggly’s thing. As a kid he grew up with a fascination for lasers. As a professional advertising photographer for over 30 years he creates emotionally captivating iconic still and motion images that jump off pages and monitors grabbing the viewer’s attention. Edgy, gritty, provocative and authentic, his visual stories caught the eye of top Madison Avenue brands. A quest for ever more creative lighting led him to product development for a prominent technology brand. There he was instrumental in developing patented new products which scored numerous industry awards and are used on still and motion picture sets today. His love of photography has kept him in the game, continuously shooting compelling content. Meanwhile he never stopped looking for better tools to fill voids in the lighting field—all the while experimenting with the potential of lasers. Eggly and long-time friend and collaborator Craig Brink have partnered to build Jagoteq—to make their shared vision a reality.

Jagoteq CIO and Founder
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