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Experience a new source of lighting with Jagoteq.

We’re Changing the Way the World Lights with Fiber Optics

At Jagoteq, we believe that creative collaboration is the key to success. We are dedicated to providing tools that give DP’s, Gaffers, Artists, and Designers new ways to realize their vision. Our laser illuminated fiber optic cables provide a whole new level of lighting control and flexibility. We strive to make the most reliable and innovative lighting solutions and are excited to see what the future of lighting control holds.



Our design team will work with you to understand your plans and ideas, and create a virtual picture of what can be done to enhance your project. 


Unlock New Possibilities with Jagoteq

Jagoteq's laser illuminated fiber optic cable offers a unique solution to lighting projects. It is more color saturated than traditional LED ribbon, providing bright and vibrant colors that can be used to create stunning visuals. Its flexible design makes it easier to work with and install, while its lack of heat and electricity makes it a safe and reliable option. With these advantages, Jagoteq's fiber optic cable is revolutionizing the lighting industry and setting a new standard for lighting professionals.

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