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Leading the Way in Next-Generation Lighting Solutions: Jagoteq

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Jagoteq’s team was thrilled to reunite with Atlanta-based filmmakers at Cine Gear ATL and showcase the progress on our cutting-edge technology: LF120 and LF30. Building on valuable feedback received from the initial release, Jagoteq has made significant strides in product development and testing. This innovative technology combines the precision of lasers with the flexibility and versatility of fiber optic cables, offering endless possibilities for effects, wet locations, neon and LED strip replacement, and even wearables. Designed with both functionality and design in mind, our units have already found use in film, broadcast, and live production. The applications for this next generation lighting tool are vast, from enhancing the ambiance of neon signs to lighting up swimming pools for night-time swims, and we keep discovering new uses for our product. We are excited to keep the conversation going with the creators who inspired us to create this product in the first place. Send us a message if you’d like to request a demo.

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